When it comes to navigating your menopause, having access to the right information is everything.

The Menopause Hormone Project was founded in reaction to the lack of unbiased, evidence-based guidance available to those seeking support for their menopause.

Any decision you make about your health, your body, and your wellbeing, should empower you to feel positive, safe and in control of your health outcomes.

That’s why The Menopause Hormone Project is committed to providing you with accurate information that will help you to learn more about your menopause and what your options are for treating symptoms.


For years, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has been misrepresented as posing a risk to your health. Over 20 years ago, a study called The Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) linked the use of HRT to the development of breast cancer and heart disease. Despite countless experts reporting that HRT is safe and effective for most women to use, some media sources continue to suggest that HRT is a dangerous treatment. As a result, fear and mistrust have tended to surround conversations about HRT, and this has sadly meant countless women have opted not to pursue treatment for their menopause and needlessly suffered in silence.

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Current evidence shows that HRT not only provides effective relief for menopausal symptoms, but that it also helps to protect you against the onset of health conditions associated with aging (such as osteoporosis and dementia).

Professional associations, such as the North American Menopause Society, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and the International Menopause Society, have all released position statements that advocate for using HRT, recognizing it to be the best treatment to help address menopausal symptoms.

The Menopause Hormone Project Mission:

The Menopause Hormone Project wants to help you gain access to the right care, the right treatment, and the right support that you deserve.

Through advocacy outreach and the development of evidence-based resources we intend to address misinformation about HRT and correct profound misunderstandings surrounding its use.

Fostering healthy discussion, The Menopause Hormone Project will remain by your side throughout your menopausal journey, encouraging you to stay involved in decision making about treating your menopausal symptoms.

What’s next?

As we build our website, we will develop and produce a range of resources designed to help you navigate your menopause with confidence.

All of our information will be reviewed by leading healthcare professionals and experts working in the field of menopausal health.

Our information will be evidence based, simple to understand and most importantly, free.

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The Menopause Hormone Project is a non-profit outreach organization. This means we receive no external funding from organizations with vested interests (such as pharmaceutical companies or product investors).

As a result, you should feel comfortable and safe in the knowledge that we will not try to sell you anything that you don’t need to treat your menopause.

Our biggest incentive? Providing you with access to the information you need and want most. If there’s something you think we need to be talking about when it comes to menopause, speak up and help us start that conversation. Use the form below to send us a message.


You can join our email list and stay up to date about the launch of The Menopause Hormone Project. We won’t send you countless emails, sell your information, or pass your details along to any other organizations, we’ll simply keep you in the loop about our plans for the future.